2 Iron Chef Mysteries, Solved

11 Oct

1.  Challengers Choose their own Opponent

2.  Something viewers probably don’t realize: they cook once for the cameras, get a breather, and then have to cook again for what’s served to the judges.

Hmm…  Was I the only one who didn’t know?

Other Fun facts from the Iron Chefs:

The toughest chefs they’ve battled: Flay says José Andrés and Michelle Bernstein, Garces says two of Andrés’s chef de cuisines, Morimoto says Michael Symon.

Flay almost always requests the same pantry every single time, as does Garces; Morimoto likes to order different things and mix it up. Iron Chef provides a pantry full of everything you’ve ordered—not just what you’ve ordered for a particular menu—so you can’t guess what the ingredient is in advance by looking through your pantry.

And you find out which particular ingredient you’ll be cooking with 45 minutes or so ahead of the taping and it’s usually between three to four particular ingredients, so you have time to plan menus for each and request ingredients for your pantry; you don’t go in blind or unprepared, it’s not a surprise.

The one that really made me laugh…

Flay:  He says he has no interest in competition on Throwdown because “going around the country, sneaking up on these nice people and crushing them, it’s not what I set out to do”—at which point Morimoto said “EHHHH?!?” rather loudly.

Ya, nice try Flay.  Called out.


Little Known Flay Fact: He's part of a Southern Rap crew too, the flamers.




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