The Birth Place of Cheese Dip Holds an International, Worldwide First Annual Cheese Dip Festival!

11 Oct

People came all the way from Colombia, I mean California, wait…I think it was just from Conway.  Give ‘er take 10 miles.

Little Rock has long claimed that they INVENTED “cheese dip.”  Funny, I didn’t know that simply translating a word bestows invention credits.  Even though I think this assertion is ridiculous (and it’s not just because I consider my self part Mexican by virtue of being New Mexican).  Luckily not everyone in Arkansas believes the hype.  I could not be more thrilled that the Rock has a serious cheese dip obsession.  We used to go to Browning’s and get a couple styrofoam tall boys every Christmas on our way into town.  I recently have discovered how far superior white queso…I mean, “cheese dip” is.  Yum.

The festival, held in early October, was a big hit — the local TV station reports.

It all started with one documentary filmmaker, owed much thanks to be sure.  Cheese dip would have never received the respect it deserves without his help.



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