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Times-osaurus rex

15 Apr

I dislike pretty much anything that hurts anyone and by hurt, I’m talking about a wide variety of pain.  If there is an industry (and therefore a lot of people) that is suffering right now it is the newspaper industry.  I don’t think journalism is easy, and I think we owe journalists (the un-brainwashed ones) a lot of gratitude for scaring folk into doing the right thing or risk to be humiliated in the newspaper.  But I also think we (esp the gen y’ers) owe craigslist and google a lot of gratitude.  I’ve done everything from selling cars, finding roommates, applying to grad school — all the important stuff on the internet for free and much quicker than I could have done it back in the day.  Because of google and craigslist I have way more luxury time to devote to working or playing.  This is huge and this is why our world is progressing exponentially.  But again I feel for reporters  like Maureen Dowd who are at risk.  She, as per usual, hits the nail on the headtyrannosaurus-rex-skeleto-004.

Firms, like Google here and Craigslist in San Francisco, have hijacked journalism, making us feel about as modern as the Tyrannosaurus rex model that sits on the Google campus.


Google Calendar

14 Apr

I’ve just started using Google Calendar and we’re already embroiled in a tense love/hate relationship.  I love that it syncs with my work outlook calendar — you can download the program to do this here.  I hate that it only updates when I’m logged into Outlook.    I love how easy it is to add an event.  I hate can’t have a ‘saved events’ list that let’s me enter to same event, like Work 8-5 or dinner with the fam 6-8, but on different days.  I find myself typing the same thing over and over.  I love that it sends me my schedule every morning at 530, so when I wake up, roll over and check my email I can immediately start plotting my day.  I love that I found an iphone app that lets me see my google calendar, but hate that it’s a crappy app with no use friendliness. Love that I can add the weather, and all US holidays.  google-calendar