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Thanks for the warning.

8 Apr



Mystery Solved — Pack is back!

7 Apr

Some lunatic snatched Pack, the 7th duckling, from the Boston Public Gardens earlier this week.  Obviously, this called for immediate action.  Who can think about normal life with Pack gone?  We’ve all been scouring the garden and finally Pack was found.  Attention all Boston residents, you can go back to your day job.  Pack is safe the Globe announced,

Pack, the bronze duckling snatched from the Public Garden, was found leaning up against a tree early this morning in Beacon Hill, four blocks from its mother and siblings in the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture.pack

MA new quarter motif selected

5 Mar

If you didn’t vote, you probably don’t care.  But I did and do.  This is what they selected.  Gloucester

Stop wasting time and start making progress

3 Mar

Can't we all just get along?  Like the colors in a rainbow!Some would say, how isn’t the government wasting time?  But as someone who’s seen public officials at work, I believe that the government is working a lot harder then we think.  Recently though, the younger generation has noticed a great deal of wasted time spent on either side of a very immature battle.  The battle is one we all know too well by now, the fight over gay marriage.  We have reason to hope for new progress again today, and as per usual the news is from Massachusetts.  The Globe reports ,

Fifteen gay and lesbian residents from Massachusetts who wed after this state legalized same-sex marriages filed a discrimination suit today, challenging a federal law that defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

For the last 8 years, I’ve seen myself on one side of this debate and seen others (mainly from the GOP)  opposing me and other pro-civil rights young people.  Now, in the Obama-era I have been naively pretending as if we are all on the same side of a battle.  But there are still sides in this battle and the youth, who are some of the most responsible for Pres. Obama’s recent success, are tired of this issue.

Young people overwhelming grew up in a world with a “sexual spectrum.”  We don’t care who you’re dating, as long as we don’t want to date them too ;)!  But somehow, someone got us into this mess by playing into the petty demands of rich, social conservatives who probably themselves have ‘sinned’ a time or two.  Who could have gotten us into this legal mess?

The suit, which legal specialists described as the first serious challenge to the federal law signed by President Bill Clinton, contends that the statute has deprived the plaintiffs of benefits enjoyed by heterosexual married couples.

Those benefits include health insurance for spouses of federal employees, tax deductions for couples who jointly file federal income tax returns, and the ability to use a spouse’s last name on a passport.

Wait a second, Pres. Clinton wasn’t the messiah?  With the last 8 years of horrible policy and discriminatory practices it is easy to look back at ’92-’00 as a time of hope and progressive policy.  But that isn’t exactly what happened.  Clinton was a centrist, he loved being loved — and still does.  It is just unfortunate that now, instead of respect, gays and lesbians have to fight for common human rights.  The right to prosper is our nation and receive health care that their partner is paying for.

This issue is tired, and we are tired of it.  Why do social conservatives spend their time on this instead of on social programs?  Can they ever speak to why they really care?  In their eyes won’t God take care of everything?  I hope Obama takes a moment to speak out about this issue — so we can stop running in circles.

I hate hearing about this issue because I keep hoping we are better than this.  But we aren’t…yet.