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Song a day Mann.

6 Apr

Have you heard about the song-a-day guy yet?  I love this guy.  He’s unemployed and to pass the time he started writing a song a day.  This is a great example of Generation Y’s creativity and ability to create media like it is second nature…probably because it is.  Between Twitter, Yelp, Facebook, You Tube, MySpace, blogs and everything else we use to create content my generation is creating exponentially more content than previous generations. This scares our parents and family members because they still worry about McCarthy-era big brothering.  This is going to be a ‘learn the hard way’ situation for most of us.  Although I recognize the dangers of broadcasting myself I refuse to let that scare me into completely censoring myself.  I hope that other Gen Y’rs do the same.  This guy is clearly, putting himself out there and most of his videos have a political edge.  Props Mann. 


Stodgy “Time Magazine” giving awful dating advice

3 Mar

I thought I knew what ‘boys like’ after listening to Ms. Vitamin C.  This video remix is particularly illuminating — love the dancing guys, haha!


But apparently I have no idea.  In the article entitled, “Advice for the New Dating Game” they quote Whitney Casey author of The Man Plan (blech, I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit).

She polled 250 men to come up with such insights as, Men get confused by shiny jewelry and big handbags, don’t like it when hair smells of fajita and are impressed by TV sets hung on the wall.

Oh thanks genius, I shouldn’t pour fajita juice on my hair in the morning?  Why has cosmo been leading me astray all there years!  

But seriously, these articles do nothing to help the dating scene which has been dilapidated since the era of slammers and pogs.  Thanks but no thanks Ms. Ex-Lance Armstrong.  I think I’ll stick with being normal, and just as a heads up — it is not normal to wear high heels 100% of the time.

Stars Wars + Tokyo Dance Party = Awesomeness

2 Mar

The littlest things can make you happy somedays.