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Blagojevich on reality TV?

15 Apr

Wow, he really got into the wrong profession.  Blago is just an attention whore.  In a way, I feel like a part of him might be happy that he got shoved onto the national stage even though it was in such a negative way.  Now the deals are piling up.  The most recent one is a spot on a reality TV show in Costa Rica.  The WSJ reports,

The show drops ten low wattage celebrities in to the jungle “to face fun and comedic challenges” in a battle to be the king or queen of the jungle. The show, set in Costa Rica, is set to air June 1 and run for four weeks.

The Tribune reported that Blagojevich’s attorney informed the court that Blagojevich would be asking for the travel restrictions placed on the former governor to be loosened.

“Rod Blagojevich will be a participant on the show pending the court’s approval,” NBC said in a statement.

Ya, he definitely got into the wrong profession.



Colbert / Steele rap…pimpest thing on TV in months.

20 Mar

Amazingness…worth the full watch.  

Another reality TV show ruined

7 Mar

jonkate8Ignorance isn’t bliss in my book, except when we’re talking about reality TV.  So many shows that had that feel-good vibe have gone down the tubes lately.

Man vs. Wild — shot because Bear got caught staying in a hotel.  Now all he does is eat animals because at least we know he’s not just pretending to eat them.  But if I wanted to watch a guy eating weird food I’d watch that crappy Food network show.

Little People, Big World — donzo after Matt, the little person Dad, got caught drunk driving.  Not cool.

And the latest incident?  Perez is letting us know that supposedly Jon from Jon and Kate Plus 8 is going to college parties, flirting with the volleyball team and thinking of getting a divorce from Kate.  He quotes some girl as saying,

“He walked in with two girls he met at Mimi’s bar,” senior Evan Heisman tells In Touch. “It was so cool.” According to witnesses, Jon played beer pong with some girls on the volleyball team and then joined a group of students who headed to Memories bar for a nightcap. “We were talking and chilling,” reveals Heisman. Jon returned to Memories the next evening. “He was obliterated,” says Pott. “Juniata girls were flirting with him and he was loving it and having a great time.” “We might be getting a divorce,” Chloe Pott, a junior at Juniata College, heard Jon tell her friend at Memories bar on February 7.

Oh no!  I can’t handle it anymore.  I think I should just stick to movies nowadays.  

The only good reality show left for me is Millionaire Matchmaker.  Hope it doesn’t turn out they are orchestrating some huge underage sex ring or something gross like that.

Best ad on TV right now

2 Mar (a popular free TV site)  knows how to connect to their users. This is the best commercial on TV right now, just slightly passing by the Kevin Garnett Gatorade Commercial and the Snuggie Infomercial.

Alec Baldwin is just too spot on when he says,

What are you going to do, turn off your TV and your computer?