Dollar, dollar bills y’all.

25 Sep

Lots of them.

$This is a cellar full of money (duh) that was made by buying sudafed and then turning it into meth.  I guess this is what happens when you sell drugs…you make lots of money, ruin lots of people’s lives…and then watch the 5-0 take it away.


Everyone’s favorite dancing baby.

25 Sep

Scary carrots…

22 Sep

At the local Whole Foods:

carrots note

Hard not to love the creativity that’s constantly flowing in Cambridge

At least they didn’t look like these!  This is a scary carrot.  (Nice catch Wicked Local)


In case you felt bad about what you ate this weekend.

21 Sep

Just be glad it wasn’burgert this…the world’s largest burger. 


Thank you This is Why You’re Fat.

The fastest way to a smile is…

16 Sep

1.  Go to

2.  Search for “shaq”

3.  Press Play.

Asian woman dies, killer must have an Asian fetish.

16 Sep

AsianFetishThis guy Mr. Clark who supposedly is the main (read: only) suspect in the Le killing at Yale is really getting the full strip search when it comes to his past.  The highly reputable NYT delved deeply into his past,

Mr. Clark graduated from Branford High School in Branford, Conn., and he appears first in the 2004 yearbook as a member of the Asian Awareness Club. He is photographed next to two women of Asian descent. The club, according to the yearbook, made egg rolls for a faculty luncheon and raised money for a trip to Chinatown for the Chinese New Year in 2004.

The fact that he made egg rolls for a school luncheon, can that really be so damning?  Oh…I get it, he’s got an Asian fetish and killed Ms. Le in a violent jealous rage.  And then rolled her into the wall just like he learned when rolling those egg rolls back in 2004.  egg rolls

My blog is boring…I know.

16 Sep

In the interest of not being boring, and from the prodding of my loyal fan Brogress, my new goal is to post one funny thing a day.  And then, if there is time I’ll write about something I actually care about.

So today, to start on a good note…I will post a vid from Funny or Die that plays off of two cult clubs.  Those who love the Red Sox and those who love Mad Men.

Disclaimer:  The first 30 seconds are the funniest…