Who’s that lady?

Lady Progress, like you, lives in a world of constant information and connectivity.  Ms. Progress is an avid member of the social media world as a participant on Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace.   Her life consists of figuring things out and then trying to change them.  You’ll find her on her blog even though she’s probably sitting on her couch.

Feel free to call her out if you disagree.  Comments welcomed publicly or privately, Ms.LadyProgress@gmail.com.


One Response to “Who’s that lady?”

  1. Muttnutz 3.2.09 at 7:56 pm #

    I hate to disappoint the “yelpers” but the blinders have to come off.
    Since when are small business owners your enemy? We are the foundation of your community, we employ your sons and daughters, your retired grandfather, and you think that just because Yelp is being criticized, called to the carpet that this is some master plan to censor you or that we, the small businesses are just whining? Not true. This is about fairness and public practices. Yelp deceives the public, and “yes” Yelper fans, they are deceiving you as well. This may come as a surprise but you ARE being censored. As a small business person in Seattle I want the reviews, I have all good reviews and one poor review. That said, they DO sensor your reviews. I started out with 12, 5 star reviews, then got on bad (bogus) review. “Ok” I can deal with that but when I refused to pay to be a sponsor, suddenly that BAD, outdated review becomes the billboard review on my review page, the very top. Good reviews have now dwindled down from 12 to 9 reviews. Then a call again to be a sponsor from Yelp. I politely decline, feeling like a hostage and that their promise to move the bad review if I paid was extortion, the thought of paying felt worse than the review. My reviews dwindle down to 8, 5 star reviews, the outdated one bad review still at the top.
    Finally I write Yelp a letter, mail it, sprinkled it with some legalize and a week later, the bad review is removed, as it should have been because it violated all their policies which they seem to ignore. But my 5 stare reviews are still dwindling, now down to 7 reviews. With each refusal to be a “sponsor” my stars shine a little less on Yelp. And perhaps even your review my friend has been removed. How is that an honest review page when Yelp is stacking the deck? Good reviews are not always posted and obviously at times even removed. So in a way, you, the Yelper are censored and I the small business person am being cheated also. And by the way, Yelp IS a business too so if you really want to “stick it to us”, the small businesses community, Yelp should not be excluded.

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